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Compound interest is one of the most important concepts to understand if you want to manage your finances. It can help you earn a higher return on your savings and investments.

about Prime Pay Traders

Prime Pay Traders is an Optimal Wealth Management Company employing the best trading strategies to guarantee Return on Investment. Prime Pay Traders has qualified financiers/traders that manage and provide financial consulting services to their investors. We pride ourselves with a world class professional customer service, unique trading strategies, optimum transparency and fidelity. We offer different investment plans and each allows for the Funds Invested with Prime Pay Traders to be Withdrawn, Transferred or Reinvested at will. We are based in Iowa United States but we are available to people of all nationality who are interested in having their Portfolios managed and Profit returned daily. Prime Pay Traders have successfully created an optimal trading environment for investors and low level traders with guarantee on profit and investment capital.

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Withdrawals takes 24 Hours to get into your provided wallet address.
You can make investments by Bitcoin
Depending on the deposit method, Takes 3 - 12 hours to get a deposit confirmed.
All details and credentials on Prime Pay Traders are fully secured.

Our awesome plans


For your convenience we have combined the most demanded services into packages. Their accessibility depends on the amount of your first trading deposit. By investing more, you get more bonuses and advantages!


Daily Bonus: 1.5%

  • 10% Referral Bonus

    Contract: 6 Months

Minimum$ 300
Maximum$ 4,999

Daily Bonus: 1.75%

  • 10% Referral Bonus

    Contract: 6 Months

Minimum$ 5,000
Maximum$ 19,999

Daily Bonus: 2.0%

  • 10% Referral Bonus

    Contract: 6 Months

Minimum$ 20,000
Maximum$ 49,999

Daily Bonus: 2.5%

  • 10% Referral Bonus

    Contract: 6 Months

Minimum$ 50,000
Maximum$ 99,999

Daily Bonus: 3.0%

  • 10% Referral Bonus

    Contract: 6 Months

Minimum$ 100,000

Our top Investors


Meet Our Top Investors

Chad Yank

$ 300,000


Adams Miller

$ 250,000


Howard Gardner

$ 210,000


Daniel Schacter

$ 200,000


Jessica Williams

$ 200,000


Jennifer Lawrence

$ 180,000


Jonhnson Miller

$ 150,000


Deirdre Benson

$ 150,000


What People Say


Vicki Jordan


My name is Vicki Jordan. I want to use this great opportunity to appreciate the whole traders in Prime Pay Traders. Your services is the best . I have been with Prime Pay Traders for 18months now and their experts has been awesome. I am proud to be a full investor in Prime Pay Traders. As well to the whole of my referrals . they are all happy to earn passively from Prime Pay Traders..

Tomas West


I am proud to be a member of the great PPT platform. I initially started with the lowest package but now , I’m currently in their Gold package

Mathew Gardner


My name is Mathew Gardner. It's 18 months that I have been with Prime Pay Traders. I love their experts. .my regards to the whole of their expertise traders. They are really a brokerage company with highest level of experience.. Thanks Patrick Arnold for introducing me to this great company. .. I am in the ups of the company .I wish you to get to platinum too. thanks Prime Pay Traders.

Gretches Doyle


Prime Pay Traders is best investment company that have professional traders Simple put, it works! I earn my profits everyday and withdraw whenever I want . This investment platform has become my source of income

Tracy Cohen


Before one of my friends told me about bitcoin Trading and Prime Pay Traders platform, I never thought about making money that way.But as soon as I start investing with the platform,few months later I earn from 5 to 10k a month,sitting on my couch!

Doris Campbell


Prime Pay Traders is one of the best investment platform I have ever been with so far

Alfred Ramos  


Big thanks to Adams Miller for introducing me to Prime Pay Traders and also adding to my stream of income. Greetings from my entire family!

Registered Company


Prime Pay Traders is an essential business trading investment company that is registered in United States of America with the registration number 1075868 CT.